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Arty Girl: Kathryn, A Printmaker at Five 15 Arts

Let's start getting fired up for First Friday, shall we?

First on the docket is a show that caught my eye for two reasons:

1. It's an exhibition of prints
2. It's an exhibition of prints by chicks named Kathryn or Catherine or Katherine

Yep, this show is right up my alley. I love prints. I even did my college senior internship in the Jules Heller Print Study Room at the ASU Art Museum. And my middle name is Katherine.


So, here's the deal with the show: Melanie Yazzie decided to start a portfolio of prints by printmakers named K/Cath(e)ri/yn(e). It's a portfolio "inspired by women I admire and look up to," Yazzie says. With google on her side, she invited a bunch of K/Cath(e)ri/yn(e) printmakers to be a part of the project. Once completed, each K/Cath(e)ri/yn(e) received a box of prints from all the other K/Cath(e)ri/yn(e)s.

Then, participating printmaker, Kathryn Pinto (of our very own Five 15 Arts gallery) got together with eyelounge artist, Kjellgren Alkire to coordinate this month's exhibition.

Expect to see each artist working within their own style...just being Kathryn, Catherine or Katherine "a printmaker". You'll see etchings, screenprints, block prints, lithography and digital prints.

Participating artists include:
Catherine Bebout, Mary K. Borcherding, Katherine Brimberry, Catherine Chauvin, Katherine Hair, Katherine Liontas-Warren, Kathryn Joy Mayo, Kathryn Maxwell, Kathryn Ann Middleton, Katherine Nicholson, Kathryn Pinto, Kathryn Polk, Catherine Prose, Kathryn J. Reeves, Katherine Rowbotham, Kathy Sheehan and Melanie Yazzie (now an honorary Kathryn)

(btw - google was obviously not on my side when I looked up all those links...feel free to post better ones in the comment section)

"Kathryn, A Printmaker" opens this Friday, May 1st at Five 15 Arts from 6-9 p.m., 515 E. Roosevelt Row in Phoenix. Call 602-256-0150 or visit

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