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Arty Girl: Learn to Raise Urban Chickens

I've always prided myself on, well, not being a hippie. Recently, however, I'm finding I'm doing more and more hippie-like things...

I started an herb garden in my breakfast nook (the pots are nestled in with my natural crystal salt lamp), I bought a pair of TOMS shoes and wear them religiously and, last night, I remembered to bring my re-usable grocery bags to Fresh & Easy. As I write this, I'm eating organic blueberries in non-fat Greek yogurt sprinkled with (oh God) granola.

Now, I'm going to blog about a workshop in town where we can all learn to raise our own chickens. Sigh.

I guess as long as I keep shaving my armpits and refrain from smoking jammers on a regular basis, I'll be ok, right?

Regardless, this idea intrigues me and I kind of wish I had my own backyard for a coop.

There's been a bit of a buzz around town about urban chicken raising and all it can do for us. Apparently, they make excellent exterminators, weed eaters and soil tillers. And, of course, there's the fresh egg factor...not to mention, some people love them like pets.

Tonight, you can get all the details at "Raising Urban Chickens with Myron Mykyta" from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. at East West Exchange in Chandler (2051 W. Warner Rd). Mykyta will teach you where to get baby chicks and how to raise them for meat or for laying eggs. She'll give you a run-down of city laws regarding urban chicken-keeping and tips for tending your flock.

If you can't make it tonight, no worries! Just keep checking The Phoenix Permaculture Guild's website, for more urban chicken related events including an upcoming self-guided "Tour de Coops" of local poultry-oriented set-ups. The site also features a calendar of scheduled events to learn about solar energy, at-home gardening, rain barrels and compost piles.

Urban chickens...does that mean I should call myself an "urban hippie"?

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