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Arty Girl: Lisa Corine von Koch Master's Thesis Exhibition

Did you know that there's a big problem with bees?

They are dying. And that's really, really bad. We count on those little guys to pollinate a third of the world's food supply (according to this article, anyway). So, without them, we're effed.

This is a huge concern for artist, Lisa Corine von Koch, who's Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition, "Beeswane" focuses on this plight.

The show is designed to bring humans into the world of bees and to give us a little wake up call about Bee Colony Collapse Disorder. Von Koch aims to accomplish this by packing the gallery with hundreds of pounds of beeswax, natural materials, found objects and handmade paper from trash bits. Sound and video installations are on the roster as well as a live performance.

The whole point is to make viewers realize "that our dependence on this noble insect has escalated as a result of our soaring population and ever-increasing material needs," von Koch says.

To further emphasize a sense of urgency with this whole bee issue, von Koch's show is only open for one week.

Man, this bee problem is stressing me out already...

"Beeswane" by Lisa Corine von Koch runs from March 20 - April 3 at the Harry Wood Gallery at Arizona State University Tempe Campus in the Art Building, 900 Forest Mall (West-end of ASU Tempe campus near intersection of Forest and Tyler Malls). Call 480-965-3468 or visit

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