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Arty Girl: Lisa Marie Sipe at Eye Lounge

Now, I know I just mentioned Lisa Sipe in a blog last week but this time it's different, I swear.

The encaustic (melted wax) artist is having her final solo show at Eye Lounge, opening this Friday, October 16th. She's at the end of her three year term at the artist-run collective and a whole bunch of events have been planned for the occasion.


First, we've got the opening reception of her show,  "Polychromic Outthrusts" this Friday. Sipe specializes in finding abstractions in nature and recreating those natural patterns with pigmented wax.

When I first met Sipe for an interview back in 2007, she was working on pieces inspired by the spotted fur patterns on dog bellies. She scoured the town's dog parks for inspiration, snapped photos of puppy tummies and then used her wax to translated nature's work.

I've seen a few exhibitions of Sipe's since then and I must say, she's come a long way. The dog bellies held their own merit for fun inspiration and a bubble-gum sweet approach, but Sipe's work has since matured into edited, subdued pieces. The last show I caught of hers featured gorgeous wood surfaces that displayed minimal wax splotches of darker, calmer colors.

I look forward to seeing what Sipe will bring this time around.

So the opening is the 16th, there's an artist talk on Friday, the 23rd and the workshop I blogged about on Saturday, October 24th. And, of course, we can't forget the First Friday Artwalk on November 6th and then the closing reception on Saturday, November 14th.

Gotta admit, she's going out with a bang.

"Polychromatic Outthrusts" opens Friday, October 16th at Eye Lounge, 419 E. Roosevelt St. in Phoenix, 602-430-1490,

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