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Arty Girl: Local Currency, Phx Bux, Launches July 4th

So this whole Phx Bux idea is all over the internet. Yesterday's report by Channel 15 has got twitter and facebook going a little nutty right now. So, of course, I gotta chime in with Arty Girl.

If you haven't heard, Phx Bux is the name of a local currency created by Phoenix designer, Joey Grether. While most folks who live and work in the Valley's arts scene already maintain lifestyles that support local, independent businesses, Phx Bux will hopefully spread the word to people who are still living in the consumer climate of Target, Starbucks and Westcor.

We'll take you through this step-by-step.

Starting July 4th, you choose a destination from this impressive list of participating businesses to get your Phx Bux...

Chadwick and Rueling
Cartel Coffee Lab
Carlys Bistro
Wet Paint
Sapna Cafe
Thats A Wrap
Made Art Boutique
Welcome Diner
The Firehouse
Bread Fruit
Trunk Space
Golden Rule
Space 55
Cowtown Skateboards
Red Hot Robot
Ash Ave Comics
Fair Trade Cafe
The Lost Leaf

At any of these places, you can trade in money (businesses buy in at $50 and individuals at $20) for tokens, priced at $1 each. Then, carry your currency as you visit other local businesses and use it as cash. Each place will allow one token per day to knock off $1 from your total expenditure. Of course, be sure to ask for change in Phx Bux to keep the currency alive.

The token, a thick, metal square with an intricate human hand inside, is designed by local artist/jewelers Chadwick and Rueling. It represents the individuals of our artistic community who not only rely on their own physical hands for their craft, but also one another's helping hand for collaboration.


So anyway, I'm in. I say we give this thing a shot and see what happens.

Phx Bux launches July 4th, 2009. visit

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