Arty Girl: Make Your Holiday Ornament for MADE Art Boutique

Yes, yes, I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet and I apologize profusely for the holiday theme of this blog.

I swear, I'm not one of those people who put up strings of lights and fake inflatable snowmen in my front yard the day after Halloween. In fact, I'm usually very appropriate in my timing of seasonal celebrations.

But I do have to give everyone a head start for these holiday ornaments at MADE art boutique.

The beloved boutique on the corner of Roosevelt and 5th Street is inviting everyone (not just reputable artists) to create handmade holiday ornaments for their 5th annual ornament sale.

The requirements are pretty basic:
-make sure it is light enough to hang on a branch
-deliver it with hooks and loops attached so it's ready to hang
-get it to MADE by December 3rd.

Oh, and you probably want to make them look good, too.

The ornaments will make their debut on December's First Friday on the 4th.  All proceeds benefit arts programming at the Phoenix Elementary School District.

Now, start making your ornament and be sure to buy one at First Friday...the kids need ya!

MADE art boutique is located at 922 N. 5th Street in Phoenix, www.madephx.com.

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