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Arty Girl: Michael Carson at Bonner David Galleries

Three Girls by Michael Carson.

Sometimes, it's the familiar things in life that bring the most comfort. Your old neighborhood, a worn in pair of jeans or the sweet, sweet sound of the air conditioner lulling you to sleep in the niiiiice!

Same goes for art. While I'm always down to see something new (or, at least, new-ish), it's nice to see something familiar, warm and comfy.

This is why I'm looking forward to Michael Carson's show at Bonner David Galleries, opening tomorrow night.

Looking at Carson's paintings won't give you those terrifying, "I don't get it," thoughts that happen so often with art. He's relatively straightforward with paintings of people. His works invite viewers to make up stories and greater scenarios for the characters shown.

It's similar to what many painters have done in the past. And, I can't help but to assume that Carson uses 19th century French painter, Edgar Degas as a visual influence. Just take a look at the images I crazy for thinking this?

Diner by Carson.

L'Absinthe by Degas.

Nude by Carson.

Woman at Her Toilette by Degas.

Right - so we've seen it before.

And that is soooo comforting.

"The Shape of Things" by Michael Carson opens January 22nd with artist reception from 6-9 p.m. at Bonnder David Galleries, 7040 E. Main Street in Scottsdale. Call 480-941-8500 or visit

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