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Arty Girl: Mimosa Sundays in Scottsdale

I have a nasty habit of booking up my schedule weeks in advance and, since I'm not the only person in this town with a busy life, I assume some of you are the same way. All of a sudden, boredom is never an option and neither are last minute plans. Does that mean we're grown-ups?

If we are, then there's one luxury we can all enjoy: drinking. So here's an early head's up on this one for your planning requirements.


Block out a Sunday afternoon sometime from now through March because Scottsdale ArtWalk has got something sweet (and very grown-up) for you. It's called Mimosa Sundays and here's the idea: you go to Scottsdale art galleries. You look at art. You eat free snacks. You get a little drunk off of free mimosas.

And then you DO NOT drive home.

I love art and I love mimosas. But they aren't worth a stay in tent city to me. There's no way I could fit that into my schedule.

Get your drink on from noon until 4 p.m. at participating art galleries: May Gallery, Wilde Meyer Gallery, River Trading Co., John Yaeger Gallery, Victoria Boyce Gallery, Duley Jones Gallery, Scottsdale Fine Art, Legacy Gallery, LeKAE Gallery, Andrea Gallery, Leslie Levy Gallery, Simic Gallery, Rive Gauche Gallery and Gebert Contemporary.

Mimosa Sundays happen every Sunday afternoon from noon until 4 p.m. through March,

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Lilia Menconi
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