Visual Arts

Arty Girl: Nadia Hironaka at ASU Art Museum

By Lilia Menconi

You'll most likely come across a movie buff long before you run into an art freak. In our day and age, museums don't have the pull that movie theaters (or home theaters and Netflix) do. Many would look at this as horribly tragic. I say it's just a result of the time in which we live. Besides, paintings caused the same wonder and awe back in the day that movies inspire today. So, yeah. Deal with it.

ASU Art Museum is bringing museum and cinema together with a video installation by Nadia Hironaka, The Late Show. In it, Hironaka synthesizes video projection, video on monitors and sound. The overall result is meant to allow viewers to imagine the cinema characters as entities that transcend film and take up the gallery space. In other words, you're supposed to feel like you're hanging in a room with these people. Surely, this beats a blockbuster night.

Nadia Hironaka: The Late Show will be open until January 25th, 2009 at ASU Art Museum, NE corner of Mill Ave and 10th St. in Tempe. Visit

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Lilia Menconi
Contact: Lilia Menconi