Come on in!
Come on in!
Courtesty of Alta Space.

Arty Girl: New Gallery, "Alta Space" Opens Tonight

I'm a Phoenician so I get in my car and drive somewhere multiple times a day. And since I've been living here my whole life, it's not often I have to think hard about navigating my driving path. Of course, that means I zone out.

Before I know it, I'm knee deep in a thought string that somehow led to my mental reliving of not making the basketball team in seventh grade (even though I was one of the best damn players on that court...what a crock of shit).

Anyway, one of the consequences of my wandering thoughts is a general ignorance of the buildings going up around here. I'm awful. You could build a high-rise in my mother's back yard and I wouldn't notice it until someone else pointed it out to me.

But add in a new art gallery to any building and you'll instantly be on my radar.

Such is the case with Alta Space, a new gallery within the recently constructed Alta Phoenix Lofts, a luxury apartment community that just popped up on Fourth Street and Fillmore.

Among all your other Roosevelt Row related pit stops tonight, be sure to add just a wee trek down to Alta Space. I don't know much about the actual gallery yet (they don't have a website) but it sure looks like the folks behind this building are somewhat savvy...they have a twitter account.

Let's hope their smarts translate well into running this art gallery. They're off to a good start with a show tonight featuring longtime downtown sculptor Pete Deise and eye lounge artists Angela Cazel Jahn, Eliza Gregory, Jason Koster and Lisa Marie Sipe.

Alta Space opens tonight from 6-10 p.m., show runs until June 26 at Alta Phoenix Lofts, 600 N. Fourth St. in Phoenix, 877-667-4449.


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