Arty Girl: New Gallery Opens Tonight

Wayne Rainey is at it again.

The owner of Holgas and MonOrchid can easily be credited as a major mover in the downtown arts scene.

And tonight he's debuting his latest art space, Bokeh Gallery, in the MonOrchid building.

Rainey, who has worked as a commercial and fine art photographer for over 20 years, has noticed a gap in downtown Phoenix: a lack of photography-only galleries. "It's the kind of thing I've been hungry for," Rainey says.

So, with the help of fellow photographer (and studio space tenant at MonOrchid), Jacques Barbey, Bokeh Gallery will dedicate all its shows to fine photography.

Rainey says they'll bring in world class photographers and, so far, he's been surprised by the enthusiastic responses he has received from contacts in the industry.

Tonight the gallery will feature a solo show by John Wagner. The artist typically works in black and white and uses old-school methods. Expect to see hand-printed, hand-toned prints shot with actual film.

Rainey rattled off more than a handful of photographers (Bob Carey, Bill Timmerman, Keith Carter, Andy Ryan...just to name a few) slated to show in the future. He's also planning group shows that include a photo collection taken entirely with iphones, a plastic camera show and a pin-hole photography show.

Bokeh Gallery's opening reception with a solo show by John Wagner is tonight, Friday, January 15, from 7-9 p.m. at Bokeh Gallery, located in the MonOrchid building, 214 E. Roosevelt St., www.bokehgallery.com.

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