Arty Girl: PAM Gets Medieval on Your Ass

I've blogged enough about all the things going on tonight. And, since I assume my readers follow my every suggestion, I'll give you something to do tomorrow as well...OBEY!

I have to admit, after this and this, I've become a bit of a fan of the fashion gallery at Phoenix Art Museum. Led by the dynamic curator, Dennita Sewell, we've been treated to some truly amazing and thorough exhibitions. That's why I have high hopes for Saturday which is the opening day of "Medievalism: Fashion's Romance with the Middle Ages".

Sewell gathers garments from the early 19th c. to present day that have been inspired by Medieval garb. Medievalism really caught it's stride during the mid 1800's as a response to the rapid industrialization that surrounded the folks of the Victorian era. Resorting to nostalgia for a time they perceived as simple, chivalrous and moral, they emulated medieval fashion, architecture, art and held formal Medieval parties.

Medievalism continues to creep up in the cyclical world of high fashion from time to time...and I'm not talking about the people who practice authentic medieval sword fighting once a month in your cul de sac...this is high fashion, kids.

Side note: I cannot, for the life of me, understand why anyone would want to revisit this time in human history. Doesn't anyone understand that if we were to walk into a medieval dwelling, the stink of unwashed human crevices would make any one of us sterilized wimps immediately barf? I could go so many dark places (literally) with this idea...I'll spare you. But just think about it...oh my god, gross.

Anyway, back to the fashion show. I have to admit, some of the silhouettes borrowed from that time are quite beautiful.

And I trust Sewell will present a fascinating exhibition with over 40 ensembles and accessories that hop from historic pieces to John Galliano's haute couture armor for Christian Dior to current goth styles - similar to the stuff you see the kids wear at your local Circle K.

Jousting in your cul de sac and goths at your Circle K...nice neighborhood.

McDowell Road & Central Avenue, 1625 N. Central Avenue in Phoenix, 602-257-1222, www.phxart.org.

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