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Arty Girl: Remarkable Women at West Valley Art Museum

I realize I recently blogged about West Valley Art Museum but I'm going to do it again today. Hey, it's not my fault the place is so darn bloggable.

And this time around, I want to blog about how they're celebrating Women's History know, since I'm a chick and all.

I'm giving you about a week's head start to get yourself organized so you can get going on this performance series called "Remarkable Women" that sounds pretty amazing.

Actress Tanya Griffith will perform once a week until May 9th. Each time, Griffith, who was awarded the Golden Apple Award by the local chapter of the National Organization for Women in 1999, will take on the character of a notable woman in a first-person portrayal. Here's the run-down:

Saturday, March 28 - Eleanor Roosevelt: First Lady of the World
Saturday, April 4 - Golda Meir: Israel's Creative Leader
Saturday, April 11 - Grandma Moses: Artist
Saturday, April 18 - Grace Coolidge: Talkative Wife of "Silent" President
Saturday, April 25 - Pearl Buck: Author
Sunday, May 3 - Annie Oakley: Sharp Shooter; Wild West Shows
Saturday, May 9 - Sacajawea: Scout for Lewis & Clark Expedition

You have to hand it to Griffith for taking this one on. Having to be seven women in seven weeks? I have a hard enough time being one woman in one day. After this, Griffith can certainly be added to the roster of "Remarkable Women".

"Remarkable Women" runs March 28th through May 9th at 1 p.m. at West Valley Art Museum, 17420 North Avenue of the Arts in Surprise. Call 623-972-0635 for tickets or visit

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