Arty Girl: Suzanne Falk at Perihelion Arts

"matches do more than light cigarettes" oil 30"x40" (dedicated to Faye M. Larkin) by Suzanne Falk

Suzanne Falk is no stranger to the pages of our beloved New Times. Maybe you remember her from this...or this (btw - this photo of her sucks! She's way pretty in real life).

But it's really not what we've written about her that should be remembered. Her paintings are so out-of-this-world spectacular that they will automatically make an imprint on your brain. And she's showing off her latest stuff at Perihelion Arts starting this Friday, January 2nd.

An older Falk work:

"the day the scissors came to bunnytown" 36x48 oil ©06 by Suzanne Falk

Seriously, you could spend hours visually poking around in this thing.

Which is exactly what I'll be doing tonight.

--Lilia Menconi

"matches do more than light cigarettes" runs from January 2nd-20th at Perihelion Arts, 610 E. Roosevelt St., in Phoenix. CAll 602-334-6299 or visit www.perihelionarts.com.

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