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Arty Girl: The Kids Are Alright at Hoodlums

I sure do appreciate places like Hoodlums. It's a music and movie store so it's automatically cool and they've been rotating some pretty great local art. Not to mention, every art show comes with an art opening that's not all stuffy like the fancy galleries. Nah, at Hoodlums, it always feels like more of a party.

Being that the name of this blog is "Arty Girl", I feel it's my duty to write about Hoodlums and their arty parties. Only this one might be a little more family friendly.

On Saturday, May 23rd, Hoodlums Music and Movies presents "The Kids Are Alright". Artist and Hoodlums customer, Joseph Wolves, has spied the recent shows at Hoodlums. In talking to the store's owners, they came up with an idea to do an art show with his students from the five art classes he teaches at the Boys and Girls Club. The kids range from 8-16 years old...aaaawwww!

Hoodlums provided albums and album covers to use as canvases and Joseph got his students to bust our their acrylics to create "entertainment-themed" art. The show will last through June and the works are for sale.

And, of course, Saturday will be a bit of a party...but keep it clean because kids will be there, I'm sure.

"The Kids Are Alright" artists' reception and show opening is on Saturday, May 23rd from 7-9 p.m. at Hoodlums Music and Movies, 6434 S. McClintock Drive (SW corner of Guadalupe and McClintock), 480-775-2722,

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