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Arty Girl: The Panelists at Pravus Gallery

I've never been one to go straight to the comics section of the newspaper and I'm certainly not one of those "graphic novel" types, no way. But I'm certainly familiar enough with the genre to appreciate Pravus's show, "The Panelists".

The show's been open since February and it features at least fifteen nationally and internationally known artists, all committed to celebrate the comic book panel

I saw this exhibition during Art Detour weekend and I must say, it was one of my favorites. Sure, Lichtenstein beat the comic-book-as-high-art point to death so we won't even pretend these guys are doing something totally new. What I loved about the works is that they were funny. Damn funny. I even chuckled aloud a couple of times.

Tonight, at Third Friday Art Walk you have another chance to see the work from 6-11 p.m.

I can't help but to mention again that tonight's your very last chance to visit The Kitchenette, just down the street.

"The Panelists" at Pravus Gallery, 501 E. Roosevelt St. in Phoenix, 602-363-2552,  

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Lilia Menconi
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