Arty Girl: The Shindells at five15 arts

Even with this nice writing career and my rockin' social life, I still have certain priorities. And, for me, family always comes first.

So when I see an art show with a mother/son team, I'm all about it.

Not that the actual art will be family-themed, you see. No, both artists work within their individual media and concept for this February show at five15 arts.

Mary Shindell is still drawing desert plants, but has approached this show, "Satellite Drawings" from a wide-view lens. Based on images from Google Earth, Mary created intricate drawings that resemble a satellite image but also look like a detailed drawing of a single desert plant, depending on how you look at it. This is a tall order for sure, but, having seen Mary Shindell's work in the past, I trust that she can pull this one off.

Nik Shindell is a painter who, after receiving an undergrad degree at School of the Art Institute of Chicago, is slowly shedding his strict academic approach to the medium. "Contrary to my earlier efforts I now attempt to reconcile problems related to collective clutural psychology while poking fun at my past and current artistic pursuits," says Nick Shindell. His show is titled "SHARKS, man" -- which is enough to get me through the door automatically and I look forward to seeing how he melds all these ideas together.

"Satellite Drawings" and "SHARKS, man" by Mary and Nick Shindell opens tonight as a part of First Friday Art Walk at five15 arts, 515 E. Roosevelt St. in Phoenix, 602-256-0150, www.515arts.com.

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