Now this is a good sign.
Now this is a good sign.
By Hamner_fotos' on flickr Creative Commons.

Arty Girl: Tonight Roosevelt Row Shuts Out Traffic & A New Mural Arrives

Didja hear the big, big news?!?!?

Finally, at long last, after years of fighting a sea of people on the sidewalks of Roosevelt, dodging cars while jaywalking and breathing the exhaust of the slowed vehicles, Roosevelt Street is shutting out all traffic from Central Ave to 7th Street tonight.

Yes, that's right. The street closure and vendor tables are moving from their former home on Garfield Street to Roosevelt Street.

High five to Phoenix!

I see this as an improvement. Sure, more space means more people so those who already dislike the carnival vibe of First Friday may not be thrilled to hear this. But I say, for people with a quieter temperament, there's always Third Friday.

And, if you're interested in peddling your wares during First Friday, click here to apply as a vendor because there will be many more spots available.

And while we're on the subject of downtown Phoenix, I was recently criticized in the comments section of my blog from a week ago about the Monsters of Folk mural.

Yes, I had some negative things to say about the mural and I expected that would offend some people. It's obvious a few folks believe I'm not supportive enough of the art (of course, I disagree and I think my writing can speak for itself on that one). But I am glad to see that a dialogue was ignited.

I'd also like to point out that the artist, Joe Pagac, left a very generous response. He indicates he'll be doing more work around Phoenix.

On that note, the mural will be replaced tonight with another one. We'll see if my morning drive improves.


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