Arty Girl: "We Live Here" at Hoodlums

Hoodlums Music Store, formerly housed in the Memorial Union on ASU campus, has long been a trusted source of indie music in the valley. And I'm thinking they may soon be a trusted source of local visual art talent as well.

I last covered their vynil art show in December, 2008 and think it's appropriate to blog about their upcoming show, "We Live Here".

Right out the gate, I like the theme of this show already. Hoodlums is pimping it as "A joyous display of limited-edition silk-screened prints and home-grown beats made of the people, by the people, and for the people of Tempe." Clever. I like it.

Then again, I'm a huge lover of the Valley and I really, really don't dig on people dissing my hometown. Ugh, if you hate it so bad, move already.

Curated by Tempe artist, Beth Tom, local artists were invited to make two silk screen prints that show why each artist thinks Tempe is a great place to be. The show aims to celebrate and support the talented folks and the place they love.

The opening reception is free; tonight from 7-9pm. And, of course, opening night means some free food and live music...this time by acoustic/indie/electrostatic guitarist Joe Myers.

Head to Hoodlums Music and Movies at 6434 S McClintock Dr, SW corner of Guadalupe and McClintock from 7-9pm. Call 480-775-2722 or visit www.hoodlumsmusic.com.

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