Writers know how they feel.
Writers know how they feel.
By ChrisL_AK on flickr Creative Commons.

Arty Girl: Writing Contest

This blog is about a writing contest and it goes out to all my fellow writers out there.

I hesitated about this blog because I'm a little late in the game. This particular writing contest has an October 31st deadline, which is just ten days from now.

Then I remembered who the audience is here. I know first-hand that anyone who is interested in a writing contest will hear about it and then constantly scold themselves for not working on their piece right up until the night before the deadline when they finally sit down to hash it out in a stressed frenzy of creativity. So, really, I saved writers days, maybe even weeks of mentally thrashing themselves. This way, they only have to do it for ten days.

I know, I know...I'm a giver, what can I say?

The writing contest is held by the Supersition Review, the literary & art journal of ASU at the Polytechnic Campus. It's open to anyone and winners get cash prizes.

Here are the deets:
-Deadline is Oct 31st
-Entry fee is $10 for each entry
-There are three categories: fiction, nonfiction and poetry
-No more than 5,000 words for fiction and nonficiton
-Poetry entry can include up to 4 poems
-Entries must be previously unpublished
-One winner for each category receives $100 each
-Winner will be published in Issue 4 of Superstition Review

Okay, writers, now you can start avoiding your computer, notebooks and pens until 10 p.m. on Friday, October 30th.

For more contest information and details about payment and entry, visit www.asu.edu/superstitionreview.


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