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Arty Girl: Writing for Kids!

Writing a story can be disastrous if you've not received the proper education (just ask my editor). So if your kid is a little storyteller, likes to draw and you need a place to stick 'em for a week over the summer, local artist Cyndi Coon is your best friend.

She's instructing the workshop called "Write and Illustrate Your Own Book" on Monday-Thursday, July 27th-30th.

Her workshop is a part of the City of Glendale Arts Summer Art Camp for kids aged 6-18. Other workshops are listed on the City of Glendale website. But since we here at the New Times have a special place in our hearts for burgeoning writers, I'm inclined to focus on Coon.

Coon, a local artist who owns Laboratory5 and wrote a book called "The Art of The Pops - How to make wacky 3-D creations that jump, spin and spring" will teach your kids the art of storytelling step by step.

Day one is all about brainstorming character development, creating a cast and imagining up some kind of adventure. Days two and three will focus on refining the story and making illustrations. The last day will be a big binding party where it all comes together.

And it only costs $20. It's so cheap, your kid could probably use their allowance to pay.

The workshop takes place at the Fruit Packing Shed at Sahuaro Ranch, 9802 N. 59th Ave in Glendale. Call 623-930-3755 or visit to register.

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Lilia Menconi
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