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Ask Magic: Musicians Have to Be Proactive, Not Reactive

Lost in love? Your relationship too weird for Ann Landers to understand? Trying to discover what comes next in your life or your music? Bring your problems to Ask Magic, your chance to ask Arizona's reigning slow-jam king for advice on whatever life throws at you. (Click here to ask MC Magic a question of your own.)Dear Magic,

I've got a son, and my baby daddy is there for us, but we're not together. I'm the one that cut the rope, cuz he cheated, but that was months ago. Now I feel like I'm willing to put the past in the past and move forward. Should I try to get back with him?

I don't know how he feels about me any more, but I still have feelings for him!

Thanks, Over It in Oklahoma

Dear Over It in Oklahoma,

We should start with a question for you: What exactly is your reason for wanting to reconcile with your baby daddy in the first place?

Do you really want to put the past in the past and move forward as a family or are you just afraid of seeing him with another woman? He may have cheated, but nobody knows his reasons for it except him.

So are you strong-minded enough to forgive and forget? Chances are no -- you may forgive him, but you're always going to have what he did floating around in the back of your head. The thought of what he might do could actually do more damage than the actions themselves, if they keep festering.

It may be best for the two of you to just focus on being great parents, and let a bad relationship take the back seat.

Dear Magic,

I love your music -- the beat, the lyrics, everything. But when you're writing music, how do you know the rights words to say? Do they just come to you or do you think about what to write about first and then go from there?

Thanks, A Fan From Phoenix

A Fan From Phoenix,

Everything is a process.

For me, my writing process is partially based on past experiences -- my own experiences, but also the experiences of people around me and my own observations.

The main thing is to always be true to the words with your expression and delivery. Be real, be relatable -- you want people to relate to the way you put the words together enough that they'll say, "He's talking directly to me."

Dear Magic,

When you were just getting started in the music business, what were some of the ways you got your name out there? We're playing a lot, but it's hard to build buzz, so it seems like we're just running in place.

Thanks, Slow Burn in Surprise

Who knows -- you may be the greatest musician that anybody's ever heard of. If you are, or even if you aren't, a surefire way to change that is to take advantage of social media to meet your fans, and develop personal bonds with other musicians.

Get out of your comfort zone -- travel to music festivals, play where you don't usually play, go anywhere you can introduce your music to the masses. In today's music world, you have to be proactive, not reactive. If nobody's presenting you with an opportunity, make an opportunity yourself. Good luck!

Submit MC Magic a question yourself, and he'll do his best to answer it.

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