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Anybody who's ever attended one of Peachcake's free-spirited and vibrant gigs would likely attest to the fact that the indie-pop band's ever-optimistic frontman Stefan Pruett is the eclectic poster child for positivism and imaginative thinking. So it's only natural that the 24-year-old's other pet project, Planet Awesome (a collective of musicians and artists built on the credos that "anything is possible and attainable" and "creativity can solve anything"), is equally colorful. Along with his fellow "Awesomites," Pruett has organized such happy-go-lucky endeavors as "Painting for Peace" and this week's Awesomefest at Modified to spread their message. "Its like a pinnacle of creativity," Pruett says. "We want to bring together as eclectic a mix as possible of bands that are habitual to downtown Phoenix's music scene." To that end, the lineup includes acts like the idiosyncratic, electronic-laced Underwater Getdown, the quirky roots rock of Hooves, singer-songwriter Damien Salamone, and (of course) Peachcake. "This isn't about buzz bands or all those pop/indie/neo-folk bands," Pruett adds. "I like to see unique bills, so we just picked what we liked and what we think is essentially rep of our city. Plus, these guys are all fun and energetic."
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