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Bad Religion, That Damn Show Headliners, Have Been Around Longer Than You Think

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Early days

Bad Religion formed in 1979, and, yes, that's a long time ago. Long-enough ago that most of the early coverage of Greg Graffin and company appeared in zines, according to the incredibly exhaustive Bad Religion Page press archive. Here's an excerpt from a 1981 interview in Flipside, presented in its original format:

BRETT--HEY, they'd frown on that kind of stuff. (Hud and I discuss the fact that it's 2$ plus 20¢ for every check we write)

MICHELE--As long as I keep 600$ in my checking account, I don't have to pay it.

BRETT--We'd love to have 600$.

GREG--We have a bank account. we're legally a partnership.

AL--Who writes all the songs?

GREG--Brett and I write all the songs...

I know Michele wants to do the interview and she's over there talking about...

AL--What are you going to do if you don't make a million dollars in your band?

GREG--I'am going to be an inpersonator. I'll probably make a million dollars doing that!

BRETT--He does a muscleman impersonation...........

(Everyone tries to make him do it)

GREG--No way [email protected]#$(*$&#)@(#*@¢*#

BRETT--Hey he's quite a card, you know? He's always the life of the party.

MICHELE--How do you guys have 24 hour parties?

GREG--How do we? We don't!

Graffin was 17; Brett Gurewitz was 19.

Next: A potentially ill-advised move into prog rock.

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