Bentley Gallery in Scottsdale Works to Revive Marshall Way

I've kept my beady little eye on Marshall Way in Scottsdale for quite some time now. And, as you may already know, I've been quite concerned (click here for some stories on the subject).

Well, I'm not the only who worries.

Bentley Calverley, Director of Bentley Gallery, shares my anxieties. And now, she's done something about it.

Inspired by an article in The New York Times, Calverley, along with the help of Bentley Gallery's preparator, Craig Randich, has convinced one of Marshall Way's building landlords to welcome artists into his space at a reduced rate.

This is happening in New York City and London. Landlords have open their vacant spaces as artist studios or galleries. Typically, the temporary rental is cheap and can be stopped as soon as a potentially long-term tenant makes an offer.

In the meantime, these "pop-up galleries" (as London calls them) breathe life into sleepy areas.

Craig Randich has been working with artists like Emmett Potter, Baron Gordon, Brian Drake, and Jean Rashkind to fill spaces at 4200 North Marshall Way, a building owned by Dewey Schade.

All of the artists are now moved in and working and will be in their studios for the Thursday night art walks from 7 to 9 p.m. Emmett Potter is even throwing a Grand Opening in the space for the new Soyal Gallery with work by Grant Wiggins on April 1.

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