Best Concerts to See in Phoenix This Week

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The SunPunchers, The Lovelost - Monday, September 8 - Crescent Ballroom

The SunPunchers offer a sultry helping of desert soul, buoyed by the deep alto of Betsy Ganz and propelled by Dry River Yacht Club's Henri Bernard (drums) and The Shammys' Jeff Schnuck on mandolin. The Lovelost are a long-needed helping of romantic music, song in multiple languages. Free show on a rainy Monday night? Perfect. --Phoenix New Times

She Keeps Bees - Monday, September 8 - Rhythm Room

The raw, stripped-down simplicity of the duo She Keeps Bees confirms the notion that big things can come in small packages. Relying on little more than drums, gritty minor-chord guitar, and the sultry-to-warbling vocals of Jessica Larrabee, She Keeps Bees is brooding, dark, mysterious, and perfectly chaotic. Shifting from quiet, hushed passages to thrashing outbursts, Larrabee's guitar-playing is full of churning emotion, a perfect foil to her lush vocals and introspective lyrics. Behind her, Andy LaPlant adds the perfect percussive touch, opting for a minimalist approach that allows Larrabee her release. "I think the intensity comes from the fact that we whittle it down so much. We're trying to make something as meaningful as we could, so there's not a lot of fluff," LaPlant says from New York. The band's latest, Eight Houses, shows a heavier side of the band, with louder guitars and vocals and equal emphasis on the drums. Sharon Van Etten adds accompanying vocals on two tracks, while occasional saxophone or synths filter through for added depth. "There's some stuff on there that's a lot different than what we've done in the past," he adds, "but I don't think it's so farfetched that it will turn anyone off." --Glenn BurnSilver

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