Best Metal Concerts to See in Phoenix in September

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September 18 - Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Tour featuring Godsmack - Comerica Theatre

With a lineup that also includes Buckcherry, Skillet, Seether, Popevil, Escape the Fate, 3 Years Hollow and others, it can easily be argued that this festival is more radio rock than heavy metal. And you would be right. However, Godsmack's rolling thunderous anthems and catchy choruses appeal to the metal masses too, particularly with the newest album 1000hp. It's heavier than any of the band's former albums, and is so pumped full of adrenaline there's no doubting the caliber of the upcoming mosh pit.

September 18 - Goatwhore - Club Red East Theatre

For about 15 years Goatwhore has been projecting blackened death metal accented with a bit of that New Orleans' occult mentality. The band's sixth album, Constricting Rage of the Merciless, was just released in July, so expect a strong mix of classics and new tracks. This band has a valiant following, and the live shows are known to be particularly nasty and brutal.

September 18 - No Raza, Phoenix & Dragon, Crippled Ninja and More - Club Red

Hailing straight from Colombia, No Raza is no holds barred death metal. I'm curious to see these guys. The music has a ton of cultural influence, with some killer doublebass, poignant riffing, and growls that sound like they are straight from the depths of hell. Then we've got a range of local acts: Phoenix & Dragon (symphonic metal), Crippled Ninja (combined punk, tech and prog metal), Sinesthetic (old-school thrash meets progressive death metal), and Enkaged (a fusion of hard rock, metal, jazz, Latin and blues).

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