Beware The "Brides" of March

There's no party like one that starts early. At least that seemed to be the attitude held by dozens of men and women clad in wedding dresses as they congregated on the corner of Mill Avenue and Rio Salado on Saturday, March 14.

Riding on the heels of December's "Santarchy," "The Brides of March," is the latest whacky social gathering created by Arizona Cacophony Society, the same people responsible for the Idiotarod. Their goal: total inebriation while sporting dresses usually reserved only for days of matrimonial solidification.

Mission accomplished.

Brides stepped elegantly down Mill invading such spots as Margarita Rocks and Gordon Biersch long enough to down a few brews and move on to the next spot. Along the way, Mill denizens in everyday outfits took photos and whistled at the group that included several men in drag with surprisingly excellent make up.

"It's my special day," one bride exclaimed to the group. "That means it's okay to lose my virginity."

The group was mostly up the stairs of Hooter's Bar and Restaurant when the management turned them away. Apparently they weren't keen on several people in wedding dresses taking over their establishment.

The Brides resisted becoming bridezillas and headed for Gordon Biersch instead, though not without some annoyance. As two brides crossed Mill one, in complete disbelief, told the other he had no idea why Hooters would reject them.

"We're the ones who will drink," he said.

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Jonathan McNamara