Beyond the Monster Mash: 6 Halloween Novelty Songs That Aren't Terrible

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1. Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages - "She's Fallen in Love With the Monster Man"

This British weirdo rocker is best known for his song "Jack the Ripper," which has been covered by The Black Lips, The White Stripes, and a bunch of others. This spooky tune has teenage melodrama, monster movies, ripping guitar solos and a surprise ending.

2. Ted Cassidy - "The Lurch"

The 6-foot-9 actor who played monstrous butler Lurch on The Addams Family had his own dance song, back when dance songs were the logical next step for a novelty career. He doesn't do much besides provide moans and groans and groove around in his tux.

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Christopher Hassiotis