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Big Beats, Big Parties, and Big Pimping: Local DJs Share 16 Years of Axis-Radius Memories

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Pickster One Resident at The Blunt Club/Valley DJ scene veteran Favorite Axis-Radius gig: The time I played with Z-Trip there was my highlight. That was amazing. Seeing Zach get down in Scottsdale doing what he does best. That was definitely my highlight.

DJ Phlava Bumsquad DJs/101.5 Jamz

An Iconic Spot with Epic Sound: I used to love two things about it: the original Axis up top, the lights used to drop down on the dance floor, and they moved the mist cannons and the lighting over. They made it more of a nightclub, like one of the only true nightclubs when it comes to lighting and sound. It had the whole package. It was a great place to play though. It was the most iconic spot for Scottsdale.

The sound was so incredible, the set up was nice. Between the sound and the lights, it's like playing at a national club with all the elements that those sorts of big clubs have. Between the lights and the sound, the crowd was always great no matter what it was, whether you was playing house, whether you was playing hip-hop, it was always a great crowd. They partied, but it was part of the atmosphere. It was part of that ambiance, the club ambiance. That's why I loved playing there.

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