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Big Beats, Big Parties, and Big Pimping: Local DJs Share 16 Years of Axis-Radius Memories

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DJ Rob Wegner Former resident DJ at Radius

From Dust to Dust: I had the honor of being the first DJ to actually perform over on the Radius side when it opened [in 1999]. It was me and Dave Rajput. And he was part owner and was required to attend the VIP party, so he asked me to DJ on the Radius side. But the problem with that was it was so new, the room was filled with construction dust. And we were playing vinyl and the dust would land on the records while they were playing. It would get so thick that the needle wouldn't play record a couple of times. It was embarrassing. So I blew on the needle while the record was playing to keep the dust from collecting.

Ashley Judd - Dancing Queen: There was a little platform in front of the old DJ booth where people would dance. And when I was DJing at Radius one night, all of a sudden I look over and Ashley Judd had gotten up there and started dancing. And I was tripping, like, "Man, it's Ashley Judd!"

Big Pimpin: When it opened, I remember it being unbelievable. I think the valet told me there were like 20 Ferraris and like 30 to 60 Mercedes parked there...even Mike Tyson's Rolls-Royce. I mean, the cars they were parking were for all for celebrities. I did meet Michael Jordan there. Charles Barkley was there so much he was like a fixture. He was like the furniture..

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