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Big Beats, Big Parties, and Big Pimping: Local DJs Share 16 Years of Axis-Radius Memories

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DJ Soulman Resdient DJ for Phunk Junkeez

It's Who You Know: Axis-Radius actually was a club that I went from not being able to get into because I wasn't cool enough to actually being the headliner that was cool enough to headline. It was like full circle. I couldn't get into to the club at the beginning because it was so Old Town, house music, and dress code in the beginning, and I'm a westsider, and then it got to the point where everybody was going there and my music had evolved and they're scene had evolved into more of a party rock vibe. So it's cool.

The End of An Era: I think that Axis-Radius being gone is ushering out an era of Old Town being kind of that whole EDM/fistpump scene. I think that's sort of dying off big time on a mainstream level. That's just my opinion. So its the end of the whole 1990s/2000s house music scene. You know what I mean? In the '90s, it was like so, "This is house music, this is our thing," and it used to be like they didn't want no one in there but the old Scottsdale scene. And then as time progressed, it seemed like the whole city went to Axis-Radius, if that makes sense, it wasn't just Old Town people.

DJ Tranzit Scottsdale club scene veteran Partying with Playmates: I remember one of the first times I walked into that club [was] when I first moved here. I took my buddy who was visiting from Chicago there. This was still when I was a nobody out here. We managed to get in and sneak our way up to the second level VIP, don't ask me how. We started walking around, and I all I could see is girls dressed up in lingerie all wearing bunny ears. My buddy then turns to me and says, "Oh shit! I think we just walked into a private Playboy Playmate party!" Those were the famous last words. He reminds me still to this day about that night. Oh, and I cant forget all the great times I had DJing in that place.

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