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Big Beats, Big Parties, and Big Pimping: Local DJs Share 16 Years of Axis-Radius Memories

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DJ MCB Former Resident on Saturdays at Axis/Radius

Size Matters: In my opinion, Radius is the best room Scottsdale had seen in the last 12 years. It was just such a great vibe. And even with all the changes the music stayed good through the ups and downs, through the hip-hop stage and back into EDM. No matter what, for people that wanted to go dancing it was one of the only places that had that big club feel.

And it was so big, you never felt like you were standing around in the same place the whole time. You go to some lounges or smaller venues and you walk around in the first five minutes and you've seen the whole thing. At Radius, there was so much space, you might not see the same person twice in one night.

Big Shows, Big Guests: I opened for Steve Aoki this year. That was pretty wild. That was one of the biggest shows we had there. Dave Navarro was great, all those Super Bowl events in 2008 were amazing...Kid Rock, P. Diddy, Snoop Dogg. So many good times.

Sounds, Waves: The last time we remodeled was back in like 2008 and put in that cryo system. So the first week we reopened, a customer in the VIP took alcohol and blew a fireball at one of the sprinkler-heads. The sprinklers went off and the pipe broke. It seriously was like someone turned on a fire hydrant inside Radius. Water was coming over the rail like it was a waterfall.

Before we knew it, there was like three inches of water on the dance floor and we had to close the room down. It was crazy. At first it looked like the liquid nitrogen line had broke. And I shut the music off and got up the lights and cleared the room out. Luckily, it was just water.

Another time, a guy broke one of the urinals off in the men's bathroom and a wave of water came out and flooded the dance floor, so we had to shut the room down that time as well. People were stilling dancing even though there was water everywhere.

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