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Big Beats, Big Parties, and Big Pimping: Local DJs Share 16 Years of Axis-Radius Memories

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LTJ Lighting Technician/Former Resident DJ at Radius on Saturdays

Watch Out! When the DJ booth was was upstairs, I was running the lighting at Radius, controlling the trucking system that went up and down. And since the go-go [platforms] were not in the center, they were on the outer part of Radius, you had to be careful moving that thing. And I remember this one night almost hitting a go-go in the head just because I lost attention. I think I might have bumped a little with the light but not to the extent that she was injured. It wasn't that bad and I was embarrassed and I remember her turning around and looking at me like, "What the hell?" Sorry.

Glory Days: Every Saturday night playing with DJ Phantom was my favorite because a good friend. And it was where everyone wanted to be. At one time, it was pretty much just Axis/Radius and Sanctuary. There was Opium and like Club Freedom and Icehouse, but I think particularly Radius was sort of the place where everyone wanted to play all the time. Paul Oakenfold came through, Paul van Dyk came through. I got to do the lighting for them and got to talk to them. Everyone that you could think of that's been big came through Radius. I do custom needles for turntables, and when Jazzy Jeff came through, he saw what I did.

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