Black Carl and Dry River Yacht Club - Crescent Ballroom - 12/20/13

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The elder statesmen of the group, bassist Paul "P.C." Cardone and violin player Ben Allred, were oozing confidence on stage. Allred rocked a smile throughout most of the set, and Cardone immersed himself in the performance and even took a trip to center stage, which he hadn't done in DRYC's three previous Valley performances.

Since its opening, Crescent Ballroom has been good to the Yacht Club, but 2013 was an especially good year for the eight dancin' pirates and Stateside Presents' flagship venue. Besides the residency to start the year and the blow-out closing set on Friday, the Yacht Club also threw one of the best local shows of the year at the Crescent when they released El Tigre on November 16.

DRYC will be back at Crescent on January 11, opening for The Whisperlights in the Whisperlights' farewell outing.

Following the Yacht Club, it seemed as though even more people packed themselves into the Ballroom to catch Phoenix's consummate local headliner, Black Carl. Directly before Pew, Matt Noakes, Chad Leonard, Ian Woodward, and John Krause took the stage the sound engineer (and defacto house DJ) played Frank Sinatra's rendition of "Unforgettable," which was a classy pick for what was about to happen.

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