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Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi: "The Tensions [Between Us] Have Mainly Been About Business"

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Any of these songs on 13 holdovers from the 2001 sessions? We totally just abandoned those. It was not a good memory, so we just scrapped them.

13 went number one upon release in the U.S., your first such achievement. Why do you think it 45 years to top the charts? [Laughs] You tell me! I don't know.

But I'm glad it did. A lot of people wondered if Black Sabbath was ever going to get back together, so a lot probably bought the album because they were wondering what it was going to be like since it was our first time together in 35 years. I'm really happy with the album and what we did.

Any particular stand out track? "God is Dead" certainly invokes the earliest days of the band. We're constantly asked that and it's truly difficult. When you go track to track you really like them all. "God is Dead" is a good track. I like that. I mean, I like them all.

Where do you rank 13 among the many Black Sabbath albums? Every album you do means something of that time period. Certainly the early stuff I like. I liked the stuff we did with Dio. If you try to rank it against with the Ozzy stuff, I think it ranks right up there.

Where's Bill? I know all of you have worked together on and off since that 1997 reunion, but is Bill even able to perform right now? Of course--we were hoping Bill was going to do it. When we first got together, Bill was involved.

It was Bill who pulled the plug, it wasn't us. Bill decided on his own he didn't want to do this, because he didn't like things the way it was. But we still don't know exactly what that was, because Bill won't exactly talk to us about it. He got his lawyers to talk with our lawyers, and it went that way instead of talking to the band personally.

It got to be a silly situation. It would have been nice to have had Bill on the album, but it was getting too complicated. It had been after a year of this stuff, and we just had to get on with it.

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