Borgore on Making Dubstep Decadent and Sexy, Hanging With 12th Planet and Skrillex at Coachella, and Why He Loves the Haters

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How was the first week of Coachella?
Perfect. It was perfect. Did you read something?

Something on your Facebook about how 12th Planet got you really drunk.
Oh yeah, that's the stage thing. You haven't seen the part about how we basically made two dancers strip onstage.

That was on your Twitter, right?
Yeah, that was interesting.

Did the girls get completely naked?
Oh no, they had pasties.

Is Goldenvoice mad about the striptease?
We're still waiting to hear about it.

So you've been chilling at Coachella with cats 12th Planet, Datsik, and Skrillex? 
Yeah, it's brilliant. Everyone was there, every single DJ in the world.

That's pretty fucking cool, getting to party with all those cats.
The dubstep community, were very small and everybody's good friends and we get along quite often and just chill. We don't really have a do that elsewhere. You know how doctors go to a doctors convention? At festivals like this, this is our convention, just get together and play each other's tunes, you know, get a little drunk and have a good time.

What was the reaction to your performance in the EDM tent? It was nuts. People went crazy. Big time crazy. They started a mosh pit during the third tune in the middle of the crowd. And girls went crazy. It was super diverse in terms of ages. I actually had two hot moms coming up after the show, telling me their kids were fixed in to my tunes and how they were into my music now too. It was a perfect crowd, man. They knew all the lyrics, all the songs. They were jumping hard. It was lively.

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