Borgore on Making Dubstep Decadent and Sexy, Hanging With 12th Planet and Skrillex at Coachella, and Why He Loves the Haters

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Why is your dubstep so filthy, gory, and fucked up?
Why? It's because, I don't know. I think that I enjoy it and I think kids enjoy it. The kids call it rage. The heavier the music is, it makes people go with more energy on the dance floor.

It's quite decadent, which isn't a bad thing.
Right. I enjoy it. I kinda like it. I think everyone likes it. I don't know anyone that doesn't enjoy sex. Pretty basic. If I could've thrown food at people, that would be sick too.

Where does all that come from? Most people like hearing about getting bitches and getting money. And I really like metal. And dubstep is just a combination between the two. Its super heavy and I can talk about sex. I don't think that I focus on sex more than any other hip-hop artist. They have the tune right now, what do you call it? "My bitch bad, looking like a bag of money" or something like this. It's a big part of hip-hop music.

Your music might best be described as a drug-fueled orgy happening in trainwreck while a tornado is happening. Is that too intense a description?
I guess not. It's a good description. I want to say it sounds like it was sex and sick sounds being played out of the mouths of farm animals.

Do people still think you've ruined dubstep?
I think everyone looks at it in a good way.

Has anyone said you've saved dubstep and made it more interesting?
I hear that quite often as well, people say that I took dubstep and made it better.

What's your reaction to James Blake's infamous interview where he said Skrillex and his ilk are making dubstep more macho?
Whatever Sonny does is amazing and I have nothing bad to say about it. But at the same time I think whatever James Blake is doing is amazing. Its just, you know, there's no point arguing over music. When I go to a club I'd rather not listen to James Blake just because its not very dance-y. But when I go home and I'm with a chick and we're trying to have a good time, James Blake is perfect. It just depends on what mood that you're in.

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