Boring-Ass Beef Update: Azealia Banks vs Kreayshawn, No Age & Fleet Foxes vs Kings of Leon, Common vs Drake

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Speaking of enlightened 21st-century Internet discourse, L.A. noise punx No Age are way bummed about doo-doo eaters Kings of Leon appropriating their t-shirt design. So bummed, in fact, they wrote a one-line blog post about it. (Way to keep the Blogspot flag flying, dudes!):

t shirt designs by the kings of originality... looking good

No word yet from the KOL camp, but Robin Pecknold from Fleet Foxes wasn't gonna let some arena rock Goliaths poach the same plainly simple giant-text-with-color-gradient scheme from the li'l guys: apparently No Age drummer Dean Spunt screens their shirts by hand!

Pecknold, who'd dealing with his drummer, the equally Twitter-prolific J.Tillman (@Father John Misty) leaving the Fleet Foxes issued this delicately-worded, all-caps response (which has since been deleted): "THEY ARE THE WORST."

Y'all just got Fleet Foxxxed! Retweet the BEEF!

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