Bounty Hunter: Jason Hill's Got the Goods

It's no secret that we love local artist Jason Hill. His bold, graphic depictions of Phoenix landmarks have graced a few New Times covers, and this year he scored our Best of Phoenix award for Best Etsy Shop. His iconic images are everywhere, from coffee houses and vintage shops to light rail infomercials and galleries. We've even spotted his stuff splayed across Phoenicians' breasts -- well, on the graphic white tees covering them, that is. 

Curious where you can get one? We've compiled a handy-dandy list of places around the PHX where you can score a Jason Hill print, tee or poster in time for the holidays.


  • Originally built in '68, downtown's Phoenix Financial Center is a cool example of retro architecture -- and the basis of one of Hill's most iconic pieces. Send a copy to a friend (and prove Phoenix really does have character!) with graphic notecards, available at Noble Beast, Go Kat Go, and the ASU Art Museum Store.

  • You deal with it every day. It pisses you off. You get angry and want to smack the living daylights out of your rug-covered dashboard (or, more likely, the asshat in front of you who guns his engine and then taps his brakes every five minutes). Don't get mad; get an ironic "I heart Gridlock" or "I heart Urban Sprawl" tee from Red Hot Robot, Stinkweeds, Covet, Conspire or Gold Mine.
  • Gotta have an original? Scottsdale's Covet boutique has an assortment of Hill's canvases lining the walls, including Classic Girl, City in Bloom, and Eat This...
  • If you're too lazy to turn off that Law & Order: SVU episode, no worries. Order his cool t-shirts or prints with the click of a mouse at JasonHillDesign.etsy.com.

--Wynter Holden

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