Bounty Hunter: Procrastinator's holiday pick

By Wynter Holden

Now that Christmas is nearly here and two of the Hanukkah candles have already been lit, it's time to get that lazy shopper's booty in gear and finish off the endless lists we know you have. Bratz for your little brats? Got 'em. Skull belt buckle for emo Cousin Sarah? Check. Cologne for stinky Uncle Phil? Bought and wrapped. Slippers for the wife? Uh...Uh....

It's Bliss Spa at the W Hotel Scottsdale to the rescue with winter FitFlops, the slip-on shoes that are supposed to stimulate your muscles more while walking. Sounds pretty crazy, but I have a girlfriend who swears the rubbery summer version built her calves up and tightened her butt (not that she needed it anyway, skinny thing!). The new cold weather "Billow" boots are also super adorable, with neutral-colored suede bodies and fuzzy trim. And unlike free weights, yoga mats or the Bowflex, your girlfriend or wife might actually use them.  

If you're a last-minute decorator too, Haus Modern Living at 4700 N. Central Ave. in Phoenix is open until 8 p.m. tonight and 11am - 5pm on Christmas Eve, with 75% off all holiday items! Plenty of time to score some decor for tomorrow night's "retro Xmas" party.

While you're there, pick up a few for me, will you?

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Wynter Holden
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