Brian "Head" Welch: "I Feel Like I'm Living A Resurrected Life Right Now"

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What is something that you now feel like you struggle with on a daily basis? In the past it was addiction, what is it now? It's lesser now. The biggest struggles I have is trying to stay....I've battled with depression over the years so I fight that once in awhile. Positive thoughts, you know? You can have a full-on negative day with just your thoughts. Thinking about your insecurities, the sound of, "What if that doesn't go right?" ... and no one knows that but you.

So that's one thing I try to fight through. Sometimes we're so used to thinking and worrying about negative things. And then eating right. That's my big thing. It's like I fought to put in stuff that's bad for me in my body my whole life, whether it be cigarettes, alcohol--too much alcohol I should say--bad food. And this is our body, we should be taking care of it. I got rid of a lot of stuff, but now I struggle with; and it's not a weight issue at all; but picking McDonalds over something that's better for you.

So if you can tell, those are lesser struggles than crystal meth running my life. So I'm doing a lot better (laughter).

How is Love and Death a different outlet for you than Korn was, and will continue to be? Is it the challenge of the vocals? Yeah, definitely, challenge with the vocals. Just something new to keep me...because we should always be doing something to stretch us in life to take us to new places, whatever that is. For me, that was singing and learning how to do that.

I never thought I could before, until I left Korn. I never felt like I was supposed to. I started going for it, praying about it. I'm not the best, but I've learned to use what I've got.

That has to be a revelation for you, if you always felt you couldn't do that. And now you're successful at it. Yes, all things are possible if you just believe and work at it you can do anything.

Do you think that in the future Love and Death's sound will be experimental with each album, or do you think this is your niche? Yeah I think so [that the sound will stick]. It's a great sound. But I'm always hoping for different types of stuff. As long as the focus is on the song and just getting it the best it can be. I like the big chorus, the melody...I love some of the deep melody.

This stuff has more melody than I've ever done. But put together with some pumping music it moves me. So I think we'll definitely stay in that realm. I think those are some of the dynamics that people really appreciate about the music. That's what appeals to me personally.

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