Broken Hearts Ball Cupcake! @ Rogue Bar

Valentine's Day isn't all red roses, sweet treats, and sweet nothings. For those who've had their hearts pile-driven into the ground or become jaded about the onslaught of flowers, candy, and romantic treacle, the Hallmark-like hullabaloo surrounding the holiday is pure torture. We suspect that Friday, February 15, is one of their favorite dates on the calendar, as it brings an end to all the Valentine's madness for at least another year.

And the promoters behind the monthly Cupcake! dance party at the Rogue Bar, 423 North Scottsdale Road, will offer a suitable shindig that evening dubbed the Broken Hearts Ball, where those of bitter bent can celebrate the end of the V-Day hoopla.

Self.Destrukt and Defense.Mekanizm of Fallout.Shelter fame will spin dark tunes of the electro, industrial, and dubstep variety to match your dour mood and a variety of cupcakes will be available just in case you'd like to drown your sorrows in frosted treats. Roaming photographers, go-go dancers, raffles, giveaways, and a best-dressed contest are also promised.

The ball begins at 9 p.m. Admission is $6, which is cheaper than having to shell out the scrilla for some sweetie. Call 480-947-3580.

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