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"Music is one of the healers. And what I'm trying to do is put that out there, as much as I possibly can. I'm so grateful that I'm having the opportunity to express myself through these other eyes, other hearts, other minds, through the words of these great writers.

"My little grandson, who is only 5, walks around singing, Always keep a diamond in your mind,' and I say, That's it, son. Always keep that diamond in your mind.'" Burke chuckles and adds, "Then again, he has a grandfather who brainwashes him with the record. I'm playing this stuff constantly for him, because I want him to hear and understand it. I want him to know that it means something. It's like where you play a record over and over and over, and you want to hear it and you hear it in your sleep, when it's not playing.

"Art saves the soul, I think, and I think of these songs as art."

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