Butcher Babies: "It Wasn't About Sex -- It Was About Punk Rock"

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I'm excited you're coming out with more women's clothes! Yay! And there's going to be all sorts of cool stuff for Mayhem too. Custom tanks, girl clothes -- we finally got creative enough to do that.

Tell me a bit about the debut album out next week, Goliath. We're super-proud of Goliath. It's a collaboration of all our influences. You've seen us live in Phoenix, and you can see in our live show and music all our influences. Jason loves the death metal, Henry loves the experimental metal, I'm into nu-metal, and Chris, our drummer, is a nu-metal hardcore kid as well. Carla is into classic metal. So all those elements are in this album. It's very diverse. We really took everything we've created our whole entire lives, and the past 28 years of my life, personally, and it's in this album.

How long have you guys been writing it? It's everything I've been writing since I was 12 years old. I started writing music really young, so did Carla and the boys. And with this being our debut album -- I think Chris is the only one who has released a full-length album with his old band -- it kind of just pulls everything up into this point into one thing. But as a group, sitting down and writing this, it can't be defined. The second song we ever wrote as a band is on this album. And the song we recently leaked, "DeathSurround," that was written while we were recording this album. Henry had an idea and we loved it. It was written very slowly but very frantically at the same time. Laughter.

I think [that] as an artist or creative person you're always creating. You, as a writer, are always writing; an artist is always drawing -- you always have something going on in your head. It's funny, our guitar player walks around all day just writing something in his head and lightly jamming out. Even now, I have ideas for album number 2. [laughs]

Are there any tracks specifically that you are super-stoked for fans to hear? I'm sure it probably changes weekly. Yeah! With these songs being created in such a long span of time, I got so sick of hearing some of them. But at the same time I have so much love for the songs. There's a song called "Gasoline" which is really -- I love it -- we just played it on the tour we finished with Marilyn Manson.

It has a great melodic chorus and really heavy verses. I think it's one the hardcore kids will love. There's another one called "In Denial" that is lyrically personal to me . . . [long pause] That one is really . . . a cool song. But I think "Deathsurround" is probably a group favorite. And we're playing that at Mayhem as well.

Speaking of your tour with Marilyn Manson, how was that? It was wild! He is definitely a rock star. [laughs] As much as you can say that.

After the jump: What it's like touring with Marilyn Manson (in the dead of winter. [In Canada.])

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