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And it doesn't appear as if Gloritone's 15 minutes are going to end anytime soon. On Monday, Stern again played "Swan Dive" while recounting Friday's events. By Tuesday, Stern's show was being inundated with calls from bands across the country offering to do anything -- including severing body parts -- for a similar chance to be heard.

In response to one musician's request to appear, Stern began playing "Swan Dive," noting: "Look, this guy came in with his song, and lo and behold, it was great. It sounded like Perry Farrell. This is the first time I've ever heard a guy come in with a good song. The chances of that happening again are a billion to one." By the time the track reached its chorus, Stern sidekick Robin Quivers was even singing along.

As to whether Hessel's appearance will make it to one of the Stern TV shows -- the program airs nightly on the E! cable network and weekly on CBS -- it seems unlikely, given the graphic nature of the footage.

"If they do show it, it would be heavily pixelated or whatever. Which would be more than fine with me. I say pixelate the whole damn thing," says Hessel, laughing.

The great irony, of course, is that all the effort Gloritone put into writing, recording and touring behind its 1998 debut, Cup Runneth Over, didn't garner as much attention as one outrageous stunt on national radio.

"It shows you how tough the music industry is," muses Levy, who expects to parlay the attention into a recording and publishing deal. "It's tough to make it, regardless how good you are, unless you get the exposure. I try not to think about it logically, because in this business nothing makes sense."

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