Califone, Wooden Indian, Destruction Unit, North Brother Island - The Icehouse - 3/21/14

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The collaboration of Rutili, Wooden Indian, and a violinist created some rather extraordinary sounds in their set, some of which I had literally never heard before. Their music, mixed with the puppet show taking place in one corner and the projections on the wall helped make the already mysterious venue seem all the more otherwordly.

About half the people in the crowd stood still or sat down, and half danced gently to the delicate tunes.

The fact that the performance was held in the Icehouse's Cathedral Room seemed appropriate, given that it had a somewhat reverent air. Talking in the audience was seemingly looked down upon, and even the band itself seemed to treat things more as theater than just an ordinary musical performance.

Every note was hit just right and with delicate precision as Wooden Indian hoped to impress their guests with their musical prowess. And Rutili seemed equally calculated in his playing during the evening, making sure the up-and-coming band will fondly remember playing with one of their favorites. He seemed even more alive while playing with an unfamiliar band, and for its part, Wooden Indian was ecstatic to play with Rutili.

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