Cariveau's All-Star Bar & Grill Becomes Darwin's Waiting Room

Drive your rocket-powered Chevy Impala down to this east Phoenix bar for a drink.

We're barely a week into 2009, but I've already found a winner for the "Coolest New Name for a Bar" award: It's "Darwin's Waiting Room," the moniker that was recently bestowed upon the watering hole formerly known as Cariveau's All-Star Bar & Grill.

The east Phoenix drinking den, located at in the same 36th Street and Indian School Road stripmall that houses the Dilly Dally, was purchased by new owners Grey Murphy and Victor Principe back in the fall, but was only re-christened within the past few weeks.

It's still has the same killer Buffalo wings as its predecessor, as well as a dozen or so domestics and imports on tap, and a menu filled with bar-type comfort food. Sticking with the place's theme, the menu also features a rather infamous caricature of the English naturalist from 1871, as well as excerpts of fatally dumbass stunts cribbed from the Darwin Awards web site.

It also leads me to ponder the deeper meaning behind the bar's new name. Is it some kind of statement on how barflies and alkies might be more inclined to pull boners like tumbling off a three-story building or leaping into a bear habitat at a zoo? Guess you'd have to ask Grey and Victor next time you ever see them at the bar.

Then again, it might've just been a cool-sounding title/theme for a bar, or even a tribute to the now-defunct Florida nu-metal act of the same name.

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