Carrie Marill Showing in New York City and Dallas

Man, local artist, Carrie Marill, is everywhere these days.

Not only did she cleverly tap into the world wide web by featuring affordable art on www.20x200.com earlier this year, now she's showing in New York City and Dallas, TX at the same time.

The Conduit Gallery in Dallas, TX features her third show there. It's called "The Splendid Table" (yes, she ripped the title from the NPR culinary radio show) and includes fourteen portraits of animals she ate on a recent trip to Italy. Thing is, Marill had been a vegetarian for fifteen years. When she came home, she had plenty of guilt to chew on (get it?) and created this humorous series.

Meanwhile, in NYC, her "Visual Aides" show is up at Jen Bekman gallery. Again, taking inspiration from a trip to Europe, this series is based on a stack of images she picked up at a flea market in France. The original pictures were meant to illustrate nature lessons to students in the 1950's. Marill has updated each to show the different image our environment has taken on in the last sixty years.

Of course, it's a great thing to see Marill hitting other spots in the country. But I can't make the trips to see these shows.

So how about throwing some of this sugar back to Phoenix, eh, Marill?

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