Check Your Thetan Levels, It's Our 10 Favorite Scientologist Musicians

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Beck Hansen doesn't talk much about his religion (too busy working up records for Karen Elson and Dwight Yoakam), but his Scientologist cred is secure: He was raised by noted Scientologist parents, and he's married to Marissa Ribisi, whose twin Giovanni (the dude from Gone in 60 Seconds, Phoebe's brother on Friends, and a few episodes of My Name is Earl) is an active Scientologist.

Isaac Hayes

Matt Stone and Trey Parker like to push buttons. No person or subject is safe from getting a spot on South Park, which can be pretty offensive. The Scientology episode supposedly was the reason the late, great, and super-fresh R&B legend Isaac Hayes quit the show. In addition to his stellar catalog, Hayes recorded an album with Doug E. Fresh (also a Scientologist) called The Joy of Creating: The Golden Era Musicians and Friends Play L. Ron Hubbard. Speaking of which...

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